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Mind blowing magic

The Walper Hotel in Kitchener is currently hosting a magic show, The Ruse, though it doesn’t seem fitting to call it that. David Storm, the star of the show, said, “The Ruse is a show about taking the audience to a place they have never been with some mind-blowing demonstrations that will hopefully leave everyone confounded and grasping at some sort of explanation.”

When people think about magic, they think of one of two things, seeing a woman get cut in half or young Harry Potter wielding a wand to cause trouble. But this was different, obviously, it was a mind-blowing experience that included close-up card tricks and decision-making on the audience’s part that left everyone speechless and amazed.

Storm’s goals include having the audience lose themselves in the show. “I think when people see a typical magic show and the magician vanishes an elephant, I think most, are mildly impressed – but most also never really hit an emotional level of complete and utter astonishment,” Storm said. “There will always be that feeling that if you can go on the stage and examine the box, you would find a trap door somewhere. That’s not the reaction I am going for. I want my audience to lose themselves in a feeling of wonder and amazement like they have never sensed before.”

You have to be there 45 minutes before the show and you are encouraged to wear cocktail attire as it adds to the experience. The show also has in-seat drink service – which is always great. I would recommend this show to everyone as it is truly engaging and a great time.

This is a cool and different date night idea for people as you have to buy tickets in pairs of two, or take your best friend out for a night you will not soon forget. You can find tickets at

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