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R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D, Rejected.

Coming back from Reading Week, where I spent a lot of time answering the question, “What are you planning on doing after graduation?” I’m more annoyed, tired, and burnt out than I was before we went on break.

Since I only have six weeks of school left, and then, you know, the rest of my life, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I mean a lot. As anyone graduating soon has been. And it is not a fun time — mentally, physically, or emotionally.

I, as many of my friends, hate answering these questions. And when the people asking feel like they have all the answers but come off as preachy, it makes the situation more uncomfortable and hard to stomach.

While curling up into a ball and hiding is not a viable option, neither is hiding in your room under your blanket watching Netflix (I wonder how many hours I clock a week on Netflix, probably hundreds —don’t judge me).

But some kind of stress relief is. And if you’re anything like me learning how to relax isn’t exactly second nature.

Plan a low-key movie night with your friends, make yourself your favourite home-cooked meal, hit up a board game café, or wear your favourite outfit and have a me day where you can unwind and do the things you want to just for yourself.

When I was informed that I was not going to be getting into the grad school I wanted, I was crushed. I thought that I was stupid, and now everyone could see it. I didn’t think I would be able to do anything with my life now that my plans were not working out. But there are other options. I’ve been applying to jobs, and all kinds of school programs at the Master’s and continuing education level. By no means am I saying that you should do the exact same thing I’ve done, but what I can say is that each step you take will help you feel at least a little better.

Rejection from your carefully laid out plans hurts, especially if it not delivered well and you’re really not sure what direction you’re taking next. I was there a couple weeks ago, and maybe I still am, so I can’t really claim to have all of the answers. But I have found that every little bit helps.

Even if it a small step, celebrate each little victory.

And seriously, with each door that closes on you, another door opens.

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