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Life happens quickly

Things in my life are moving very quickly. If you asked me this time last year what I was doing I probably would have laughed and said, "No idea, I'm just trying to get to graduation." And if you ask me now what my life will look like in a year I will tell you that I'm planning on being somewhere overseas for my placement from grad school.

In the last year I've been able to do a lot, most of which you can see on my portfolio page and the rest will be the subject of other blog posts. But the most life changing and the hardest thing I did was apply to post-grad programs because at the time I really didn't know what I was going to do with my life yet.

There were a few stages to this process. First, I panicked because I didn't know where to apply or for what. Then, I applied to every program I could google that sounded remotely like what I wanted to do. More panic. I got tons of rejections - all but three places rejected me. Eventually I picked the program that I thought best fit with what I wanted to do with my life - help people.

The rejection was the toughest part. I'd never known real rejection till then and at the time I felt intensely broken down. However, now that I can look back on that I feel like it made me stronger.

Now that I am in the program I am very happy with my decision and would urge everyone to consider all their options to see what they really want out of life, out of each day.

One of the toughest parts of this has most certainly been the transition. I used to just miss my family and my partner (as we are in a long distance relationship), but now I miss my friends (a lot), the places we used to hangout, all the restaurants that I frequented, and the city I'd forged my life in. Now that I am far away from then though, I cherish my time with them even more than I used to. I have things to look forward to with them - weekend visits, concerts, skype calls, phone chats, and the rest of our lives together.

Life happens quickly, sometimes more quickly than we are remotely ready for, but make sure you're sitting in the drivers seat with your eyes wide open because the smallest things are sometimes the most joyous.

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