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Netflix roundup

I'm not gonna lie I spent the last month watching Friends because ... well, why not.. So here is what's new and happening on Netflix.

Long Shot

This 40 minute documentary follows the story of a man being wrongfully accused for something and how the case progresses. In this documentary the fate of an innocent man was dependent on proving he was at a baseball game, and the most unlikely of things comes to his rescue.

If you liked Making A Murderer or are inclined to want to see justice to prevail you will enjoy this for sure.

Strong Island

This documentary has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and follows the April 1992 murder of William Ford Jr., a 24-year-old high school math teacher, by a 19 year-old mechanic. Following his dead Ford was blamed for his own death and justice was not done. His sister, Yance Ford, documented, in a quiet and tasteful manner, the story of her family, and many of the issues surrounding the African American community. It is the story of a family shaped by the never ending racism they encountered.

Documentaries are often big information dumps, with little attention given to how the story is told. However, in this one the way that Yance places a great importance in how she tells this story to be most effective.

Gerald's Game

I have many thoughts about this one but most of all: what?! I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into when I started watching it. I was hoping it would be entertaining and it...was. It was hypnotizing, just like Stephen King said it was when he first watched it. Gerald's Game follows an older couple trying to reconnect in order to make sure their marriage can keep working. But things don't go as planned. The director addressed making a film that followed a woman's story as a man in an interview with GQ. There are some scenes are were quite disturbing to watch, so make sure you're ready to face the uncomfortable.


I am not sure why I love this movie so much. I've seen it a million times and I still get emotional every time I watch it.

Southpaw came out in 2015 and stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, and Rachel McAdams. The film follows a boxer who sets out to get his life back on track after losing his wife in an accident and his young daughter to protective services.

I originally heard about this movie because I heard that Eminem was supposed to play the role of Billy Hope. Although he did not end up in this role, he did play a big role on the soundtrack and the song he made for the movie "Phenomenal" was great. I think Gyllenhaal does a great job in this role, like all his roles, and was a great fit for it. It is a great story about rebuilding your life and fixing your relationships.

The film marked one of the last films to be scored by James Horner, and one of three posthumous releases to feature his music, which is why the film and its soundtrack are dedicated to his memory.

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