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Sound Bytes (Part II)

I wanted to share some more podcasts that I think everyone should listen to! You can check out my first round up of podcasts here.

International Events

Assassinations (2018)

This podcast is quite new and follows assassinations that have impacted society at large. So far they have covered the JFK assassination and the shooting of Selena. I love learning about true crime events that have a lasting impact and their two episodes of the death of Selena were very enlightening.

​​1995 (2017)

This podcast highlights the events of 1995 that shaped today. You would be surprised at how much happened in that one year that still effects us in all kinds of ways.


Canadian True Crime (2017)

One of the best Canadian true crime podcasts I've heard so far. I love hearing about true crime from Canada explored in depth and analyzed. The best exploration I've heard so far on this podcast is the 4-parts on Robert Pickton. If you are from Canada and are a true crime fan you have to listen to this podcast.

American True Crime

Criminology (2017)

One of my favourite serial killers to talk about and dissect is the Zodiac Killer and the first season of this podcast is all about that case - I would highly recommend this podcast if you haven't already heard it. The second season focuses on the Golden State Killer which is one that I did not know a lot about and they did a very good job - it helps that the case was solved part way through the season and the two hosts, Mike Ferguson and Mike Morford, do a very good job of adapting and hosting.

Happy Face (2018)

This is a very interesting true crime podcast, the main focus is Melissa Moore who is the daughter of the Happy Face killer. It looks at her life, what the aftermath of her dad's actions were, and her life since then. It is a very different perspective of the true crime genre that is difficult and rare to hear about, but just as interesting and worthwhile.

White Boy Rick (2018)

If you think the justice system has ever angered you before - wait till you hear the story of Rick Wershe Jr. If you haven't heard of his name before check out this podcast as well as the feature film that came out this year.

Framed (2018)

The "unsolved" murder of Brian Carrick is the focus of this 10-Episode podcast and I was so enraptured by it. It takes you through the case files, transcripts of the court proceedings, and in-depth time lines for everyone involved. The podcast website also has diagrams and maps for the places mentioned in the podcast. It is hosted by Aaron from Generation Why and it is done very, very well.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these podcasts, as well as other ones you listen to!

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