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American Horror Story

7 weeks of quarantine/social distancing down and I have watched all 9 seasons of AHS - it would have happened faster but I needed to take breaks and managed to finish several other shows in the time being (The Office, Recess, Proud Family, Kim Possible, Too Hot To Handle, and 8 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, along with regular virtual movie/tv dates with friends).

I was going to try and rank the seasons of AHS in order from best to worst, and do the same with the characters that Evan Peters plays...but I can't do that because I am obsessed with the show. All of it. Every season had its perks (except maybe one of them) and every character was so complex and wonderfully done that I don't even know where to start. Maybe once I watch it for the second time I will be less biased?

Season 1: Murder House (2011) - 5/5 - I love every thing about this season. One of my favourite Evan Peter's characters and such a wonderful way to capture people's interested for everything that will come next. This season has feeder content for a later season.

Season 2: Asylum (2012–13) - 4/5 - Stand alone season with no connection to future content. There was a story line in this show that I really didn't like but that's me personally.

Season 3: Coven (2013–14) - 5/5 - GIRL POWER! This was an incredibly powerful and empowering season to watch. I must also confess that I have been ordering clothes and accessories to make me feel like one of the cast.

Season 4: Freak Show (2014–15) - 3/5 - Stand alone season– one small reference to Asylum - No other way to say this but this was by far the worst season of the series but it's not bad tv, just doesn't live up to the rest of the show.

Season 5: Hotel (2015–16) - 4/5 - I am super obsessed with serial killers and true crime and this fed that part of my brain while giving me a new reason to stan Lady Gaga! This season has feeder content for a later season.

Season 6: Roanoke (2016) - 5/5 - This season is super stand alone but WHAT A RIDE. The concept of this season is something that many movies have tried to do and failed at so I was enraptured.

Season 7: Cult (2017) - 5/5 - WOW! This season draws on the 2016 election and has real rally footage but the fallout...I was hooked. I saw the whole season in one day. I couldn't stop. It was amazing. There was one side story line that I didn’t think was useful but overall - again - WOW.

Season 8: Apocalypse (2018) - 5/5 - Another big wow. The start of the show feels a little on the nose given the state of the world right now and there is a flash forward to 2020 which....was eerie. There were several returns of some of my favourite characters which was such a great tie in to my favourite stories. Note: you have to watch Murder House, Coven, Hotel before this one.

Season 9: 1984 (2019) - 5/5 - This was such a well done season. I was not a fan of 80's slasher films before this and I've been converted (where is the line for the Church of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk?). I was not expecting much since the big names from the first 8 seasons were not listed in the cast but I was pleasantly surprised. This is also a super stand alone season.

I would argue that the Season 7, 8, and 9 are some of the best tv ever created (of course I haven't seen everything ever made, yet, but I'm getting there :P)

Ideal watching order in my opinion: Roanoke (6), Cult (7), Asylum (2), Murder House (1), Coven (3), Hotel (5), Apocalypse (8), 1984 (9) - and I wouldn't even waste time on watching Freak Show (4).

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